My Approach

Employee engagement — how your employee thinks, feels and acts when it comes to your company — directly impacts your success.  The experiences your employee has with you are key to how they approach their job, what they tell others about you as well as your company, and their productivity.  That’s why I start and link to the employee experience for every project — from strategic planning to team building to performance management to developing job descriptions to designing/facilitating workshops to coaching an individual or team.   All work can be mapped to one of following five stages of the employee experience. In fact, I’ve used this model in working with member associations as well as customer experiences!

Working together, we’ll identify metrics that are likely already in place or could be introduced to ensure that the work we do is impactful and is measured.

Check out this article exploring this Employee Experience model and/or let me know how I can help you hone yours.

1 Hello- The experience starts with the recruiting and pre-hire process.
2 Onboarding - 1st day up to six months or more depending on the work.
3 Groove - Day in and day out. What's THAT like?
4Growth - Career development/planning for and by the employee.
5Goodbye - The experience ends AFTER they exit your team/company. Make it count.